Any one been to Euphoria?



Over in ibiza at the mo and thinking about going to see old Dangerous Dave in his trance trousers at Eden tonight.....did anyone go to the opening party last week? wondered if it was worth splurging the cash???? :D
eurphoria is not most people's cup of tea on here but my first ever visit to ibiza I went. I wasn;t cluded up about music at all and wanted very up lifiting music and a laugth, and that what you get.

I wouldnt go again cos im not into that type of music anymore, but if you are go cos I enjoyed very much at the time :D
well if youre into glowsticks and stuff then it will be fine, i was not happy about Mr. Pearce´s set the last time i went, the warm up dude was way better + that place, Eden - not so liking it!
I went last year, my mate was ill and couldn't get out of bed :confused: so as not to waste a night, I wandered off in search of excitement.....Well I ended up going along to the Euphoria night...Met up with some cool people in the que so had met some peeps already. No, he isn't the best DJ by any means, but I think everyone knows that.....But if you like Trance Anthems and want a laugh....then go for it. The foam party was a bit mad and got a bit chaotic, especially when I didn't have my thinking cap on...I met him after his set and he seemed like a nice guy. Dunno about the name ''Dangerous Dave'' though :eek: