Any info for the gay traveller who is travelling on his own?



I'm planning to go to Ibiza at the beginning of September, and just wondering if anyone has any advise/info on good things to see and do and places to go for someone travelling on his own, and who is gay. Also, I'm coming from Canada... anyone know of a good place to go to get a cheaper priced flight? Thanks.
I dont know if September is still considered "high" season...if it is...find a good travel agant dude, cuz if u find a charter to london, and then book a cheap flight from london to ibiza it should cost waaaaaaayyyy less than going straight from here to Ibiza. DO NOT go Air Canada...f***in rip off. Now if its "low" season, than i believe prices on flights r much cheaper and then i guess its reasonable to consider Air Canada and flying direct. Either way, im betting a charter and a flight to London will STILL be cheaper than doing it Air Canada. But u have to look around and do research man. Have a good one!!!