any good parties in July?

the parties are weekly, but just diferent djs...

depends on your musical tastes.

sundays at space
roger sanchez at pacha (monday)
subliminal at pacha (wednesday)
cream at amnesia or ministry of sound at pacha (thursday)
godskitchen at eden (tuesday)
I will be in Ibiza for July as well. The club season opens in June and closes in September -- so July will be fine. Don't go nuts trying to plan everything, however here are some nights that you just can't miss....

--- Big Nights Out ---
1. Sundays at Space -- if you have energy left over then the carry on party at DC-10 Monday morning
2. Wednesdays: Subliminal/Underwater at Pacha
3. Thursdays at Amnesia when Paul Van Dyk spins
4. Any club/any day when Danny Tenaglia spins

The other nights you can choose depending on your music preference.
If u're there on 13th July I'd definately check out Judgement Sunday on that night. It's in Eden, not the best, but Johan Gielen is definately worth the entry fee on his own plus u've got Haliwell (V.Good) and of course Jules (can be good occasionally :confused: )
If you're into Funky house......

....the monthly promotion we go to here in London has managed to blag Eden on July 31st, then his after party is at Space, its gonna be excellent. xxx :D
check out the dance academy at es paradis on july 15th if you like hard house and hard trance.this is one of the most up and coming clubs in the uk at the moment.