Any Facebook or Myspace users!!!!


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check out this new thing we did at work. essentially its a big interactive ad campaign for myspace but it basically takes your profile pic automatically and puts in all these films with popstars. quite funny when you send it to unsuspecting mates

* no im not pushing myspace its something we put together at work which made me laugh.
so what "third parties" will my photos be shared with? :lol:

What do you do for a living mate?
haha i do post production so we put together all the films did the colour grading , graphics etc and supplied it all out in all the different formats. Someone else did the web end of it ie putting the pictures in etc. Not sure what Geoblocked is?

edit - apparently will only work in U.K for now.
well after cancelling the interview once it happened and all went well. was just with someone in HR. she ws basically just tellimg me about the company as if id alredy got the job etc. Then all went quiet , got n email saying they are still working out how many ppl they need and when. in the mean time loads happening at current job ,some good stuff in the pipeline so we'll see if the other place offers me something.either way its going ok work wise