Any Dubs off to Spirit tonight?



My flight back to Toronto is at 9am tomorrow so I reckon the "safest" thing to do is stay up all night...

Starting early with the guys from my work. Hoping to make it to Spirit later on... if the music is anything like last time I went there (2 weeks ago on a Saturday), should be a wicked night. Anybody go last weekend?


I went a couple of weeks ago and taught the music was bad in the main room. Spent most of the nite in the bar downstairs dancing to some 70s style funk.
I'm going off Spirit quite a bit lately but there ain't much other clubs cutting it in Dublin at the mo. The future is looking bleak for Dublin big time.
The music in the main room HAD been absolute crap every night I had been there until the last time (2 weeks ago)... David Morales was wicked when he played in May as well.

As for the scene in Dublin looking bleak - you certainly hit the nail on the head... Spirit is more or less the only game in town - good thing I am going back to Toronto!
Lads, blasphemy!!! Spirit is still no.2 in Dublin behind Red Box. Slam 15/8 will be a top night but before that on 3/8, yes next weekend, Deep Dish Global Underground launch. I saw DD play RB earlier this year and they were amazing. Forget Spirit and head to the RB/POD. There's a few of us meeting up from the forum, check the thread in Meeting Point.
I'm not too sure if the Red Box is still number 1 in Dublin. I've been going to the Red Box for years and it's definately on the decline.
They're trying to turn it into a live concert venue thingy or something. They are gradually moving away from dance music. Have you seen their new nite on Saturday. It's called 'Spoilt' - it should be called 'Cheese'. Total sell out.
The thing I like about Spirit is the opening hours, RB closes way to early in my opinion.
30 euro to see Deep Dish and Robbie f***ing Butler is a rip-off is you ask me. Butler really annoys me - he is such a tosser.
In saying that I will probably still go for Deep Dish. :eek:
I went to Redbox last year. Thought it was really good but the people we were with (who are from Dublin) were saying its not the best place to go and there are places much better.
Spirit was good for 4 weeks in a row for its Bday celebrations in may, Morillo, maas, Morales, Sanchez but there have been no good line ups since. Red Box has decent line-ups every few weeks. Butler is a muppet. I was a POD regular. I'd go whenever DavyK was playing but blank the weeks Butler was playing. I think this Spoilt night is something to do with his Spin Fm radio show. €20 into Spirit for residents like Ben Corvasso or Christian Boshell or €22.50 into RB for Deep Dish. Your choice????