Any decent bars/clubs in San An that play tech/deep house?


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I'm going out to Ibiza for two weeks this Summer, toying with the idea of a week in San An and a week in Playa to mix it up a little bit.

It's been years since I went to San An, is there actually any mini clubs/bars in the West End that play Tech/Deep House or is it all cheese bars? From what I remember it was mostly 70's bars and R&B etc

I'm going to be doing the big nights as you do but for the days off I'd like just to chill in a bar which doesn't cost an arm and leg to get into and at least enjoy the music. :D


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Bay bar is a lovely place to chill and the DJ's I have heard are playing deep house. Great place to relax.


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we'll be doing some tech in Play 2 this year... V Club is def worth checking out for deep house, they're also running weekly deep house boat parties throughout summer this year (on Mondays I think)