Any Balearic Nights or Bars....?


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Sorry for posting on 2 different forum's but wasn't sure which was correct ...:oops:
Hi all, I know this may well be a long shot but does anyone have any ideas of the blest places to go for us to catch some of the "old Balearic grooves" ..We are a group of 30 somethings coming in September and although we will be doing Manummision and We Love... we would like to mix things up a bit...
are there any specific places we should go ? or are we best hoping for a bit of the old magic from Alfredo at We love ..
Would be happy even if it's just bars to staqrt the evening off etc..

You could try out People from Ibiza at Amnesia.
I think Salvacion at El Divino is also in that vein, although with a gay twist.
nice one thanks..
we defo want to go to Amnesia and was kind of thinking of Manumission on the Friday as they seem to have a fair mix up of music all be it that it gets a bit heavier toward the end of the night so maybe we will look at PFI instead...cheers