Another week, another great week


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What a week. This was our fourth visit so we paced ourselves. Plus there were twelve of us (a mixture of clubbers and non-clubbers) in the most fabulous villa just outside san josep. Never having stayed in a villa before, I didn’t realise how easy it is just to stay by the pool/in a hammock etc just smoking and drinking. Chilling and chatting.

Saturday 21st: arrived 10pm, over to jet apartments in playa den'bossa (my little home from home) for some food and rest and a couple of drinkies with some friends who were staying there. Onto Amnesia for the closing party, no big name djs, just the ressies. Really fun party, loadsa big tunes (never thought I would hear Shakedown-At Night in amnesia). Top quality pills (maybe because the ice cannon keeps the temperature down in there but I have always found the pills work better in Amnesia than anywhere else), good friends, the terrace looked more beautiful than I remember. We left at around eight am and folk were still pouring in through the door. Moderator James was a lightweight no-show

Sunday 22nd: of course, we went to space, got there about 4pm to hear the last few tunes from smoking Jo, pish poor as always. Found a great spot on the top step of the terrace, close to a fan, with room to dance and basically didn’t move off there till midnight. Space ressie, Johnathan Ulysses absolutely mashed the place, loadsa funky, happy disco house. Teased us with the vocal from shiny disco balls all afternoon. Laurent Garnier played the last four hours. As you would expect, he was a bit harder and louder than the normal terrace sounds but was just my cuppa tea. My joy was complete when he dropped donna summer – I feel love. No visit to space is complete without it IMHO. Left soon after midnight as Laylo and Bushwacka were too tech/break for my delicate ears.

Monday 23rd: chilled at villa. Some folks went to Sanchez@Pacha but I gave it a miss. They report that he rocked and created a real feeling of togetherness, some feat at the often standoffish Pacha

Tuesday 24th: Luchtime over to bora bora. Kept being called by the Manumission carryon which was at space. By 1pm we couldn’t hold ourselves and headed over. what a treat. The place was full and it was certainly kicking off. I feel privileged to have heard 3 hours of the amazing Alfredo. He is everything a dj in Ibiza should be. Happy and dancing he played the most eclectic set I have ever witnessed, S-Express, Madonna, Human League, you name it, he played it. The best set of the week.

Wednesday 25th: my friend sarah’s 30th birthday. Champers for breakfast at the villa, drove into San Antoni to buy a birthday cake and had a huge barbie by the pool. Then into Ibiza town for drinks and onto Pacha for the subliminal closing party. All twelve of us went including some decidedly non clubbers. But even these folks were amazed by the beauty of pacha and the clarity of the sound, the terrace and the vibe. However, the place was rammed, and I mean rammed, even when we arrived at 1am it was fuller than i have ever known No room to move around but strangely space on the dancefloor. Darren Emerson was firing, a trancey-spacey-driving sound including New Order-blue Monday which was a laugh. Far too many beer boys though, emerson seems to attract a bit of a dodgy, laddish crowd for my liking. Many of the girls I was with complained about the number of arseholes hassling them.
Erick Morillo sorted the laydeez out though with a much funkier set and the beer boys all seemded to go home. We were also treated to the appearance of the ubiquitous Puff Danny who climbed into the dj box for a bit of showing off. For me though, morillo seemed to be loving himself a bit too much and was over egging the mixing. Too many stops and starts and teasing with tunes. not as good as he was on the terrace in space. Finished up with a monster version of shiny disco balls and the place exploded.

Thursday 26th: slept, chilled and then went to san antoni to watch the sunset. aaaaaahhhhhhhh

Friday 27th: went for long walk with my girlfriend through the hills, found a disused disco near San Josep (anyone know anything about this place?), lunch in a little tapas bar, followed by a most excellent siesta. Went for a drink at KM5 in the evening. Having never been there before, I cant say what it was like when you could dance but it is a great, pretty environment to chill in

Saturday 28th: got to bora bora at two pm, took loads of drugs and danced till midnight. Oh what fun.

Sunday 29th. Sadly, we came home. Roll on 2003 please