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starts off as an american car advert where the car sales guy can't say baracuda,
Dude pipes up with:
"No thats baracuda, say after me ba (ba) ra (ra) cu (cu) da (da)",

"I don't known what we've done, but i thing we've got a great sound"

(or somthing along those lines)
Heard this in HMV last weekend and eveyone was like WTF? No idea who does it though, sorry.
Damn! Haven't heard that for ages!!! Got it somewhere on vinyl, used to play it back in the late 80's. I'm sure it's the 12" vinyl version I've got. Can't find it in my catalogues or mp3 database, but I definitely have it, just got lazy at keeping my catalogues up to-date in '88-'89. I can find out for you, just give me some time to search my record cases.

Has it been re-released or was it just someone playing an old track?

DJ Soulman 8)
Not sure,

I just heard it in a bar in Bristol the other weekend and I wondered what it was :?:

Just found out that it's

Summer Fun by The Barracudas :D