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Cheers bbc!

Thats a smokin mix by morillo! :p Hope i get to see him in Ibiza next summer. And Sanchez is playing on Monday nights so i read so thats wher my azz will be on my b-day!!
Ok enough with making me jealous of what you'll be hearing in Ibiza. ;)
These sets are similar to what I was listening to the night I went to the Smirnoff event, but of course it sounded even better live. :D :D 8)

My appologies bbc!

The smirnoff site has quite a bit of info bout goings on in Canadian clubs and even some respected DJs here. I always have a hellofa time trying to find out whats going on out west. I know Van is a hotbed for house right now and i went to some decent nights there last year (Deepen@Lotus). I was really just too busy with school to make the effort to find out more about the scene there. Calgary is shite, all teeny bopper hard house crap i find and don't know too much bout Edmonton. Don't usually venture to the city much anyway - i value the tranquility and slow meander of life where i'm living right now. ;)

Check out as well. This is a Benson & Hedges sponsored DJ clubbing experience which travels to different cities throughout Canada. I don't think they have any mixes but they do have club listings with upcoming dj's.