Another Ibiza review - it sucks being home



Ok, now I have time to do this and while I still remember some of it, here's my review of a wicked week on the White Isle:

Sat June 28th: Left Glasgow airport after several beers to get in the holiday mood and after some Champagne on the flight we were truly ready to do Ibiza in style :D . We got a package deal with Thomson and ended up in the Club Don Toni Hotel next to Space (great location :!:) After a brief stop at the hotel we walked along the beach to Ancient People and had some beers while the sun came up over Ibiza town, what a great start to the holiday :D After a chilled early afternoon we headed down to Bora Bora to find Spiderman and his followers dancing on the tables and rockin the place for Superstar DJ Gee. At night we headed for a quiet one in Ibiza town since Space was the plan for the next day. Straight to Base Bar for us, or so we thought :oops: We spent about 2 hours perched on stools in the smaller Base Bar before realising the real deal was just along the harbour. Once we got settled into the comfy seats there the coctails did the rest (I recommend the Mai Tai :) ) We travelled back to PDB to get some rest before the hectic week to come.

Sun June 29th: The idea was to go to Space late morning but by the time we got it together it was 2pm. It was still fairly quiet at that time though with some good welcoming tunes on the terrace. What can I say about Sundays @ Space - it's an experience no-one should miss... masses of friendly people on the terrace in varied states, alternative tunes inside with air-con to cool you down from boiling point. Not sure who all played when but Tom Stephen was one I remember with a smile. Top tune had to be Lee Cabrera's Shake It (which was my #1 for the whole week :) ). At about 10pm we left Space, bought some beers in the shop and spent some Q time on the beach. This seemed to take minutes instead of hours and we headed back to Space for about 12 until 4. It was pretty rammed inside so we chilled on the Terrace and left to prepare for a carry-on at DC10.

Mon 30th June: Drinks at Ancient People until 11am then onto DC10, I had good memories of this place from the previous year and hairs on the back of my neck were informing me I was there again :) Arriving at about 11:30am there was very few people inside and only a few dozen on the terrace but this didn't matter for me. The DJs were playing their usual Balaeric style tunes which were good but they could have done with throwing in a few classics to get the increasing sized crowd going. Inside they've changed the chilled out bit at the back to VIP seating which is a shame cause now there's nowhere to sit and recover from hours of dancing. Also, they've upgraded the speakers on the terrace so you can't get away from the thumping base. :x DC10 still recked but by about 4 we were needing to go, Bora Bora was our destination for a few hours before passing out and missing Monday night's clubs.

Tues 1st July: After 12 hours sleep we decided it was the day to go to the beach, some of us had way to much sun but were still up for a quality night out. Our aim was to go to PinUp until the Terrace shut then go off to Underwater at Pacha. The Garlands opening party at PinUp was amazing - a pirates theme, someone firing fireworks and fire from his ass and top tunes on the terrace. When they finished up top with 'Working 9 to 5' everyone was lovin it. At midnight we headed downstairs to see what it was like before going to Pacha. After only a couple of minutes it was clear we were going nowhere as we were treated to the best old tunes you could remember. This lasted for about an hour and a half, any longer and I think I would have died (but died happy ;) ). After this Lisa Lashes came on and things got very hectic. My poor legs could only handle a couple of hours so we left about 4am. Back to Ancient People and beers etc. until the afternoon. :eek:

Wed 2nd July: Pak's birthday :D - Got some kip late afternoon/ early evening and a little food to prepare for Subliminal (a night I'd been looking forward to for some time). We got to Pacha for about 1am, the place is just as good as I remember. Erik Morillo and Cassius were good in the main room but to be honest I thought he was better last year when he was still with Darren Emerson. There were some good tunes but not what I expected. The club itself made up for any dissapointments - the amazing terrace, the funky room, the hip-hop room with human beat box guy and an amazing experience with the 'Angel Fingers' when I was feeling very happy :lol:
Definately the best club in Ibiza in my opinion :!:
Back to Ancient People (again! - felt like a second home this place :p ) and more drink and talking rubbish on the balcony of one of our rooms.

Thurs 3rd July: Got a little sleep before some dinner in the hotel again (not very exiting but had to eat something ;) ) Headed out to a few local bars where we met a very helpful promoter ;) then headed in a taxi to Amnesia for Cream with PVD and Tiesto. First time for me in Amnesia so wasn't sure what to expect. What a club it is! Only one this spoiled the experience and that was the fact we couldn't even try to get in the main room, it was wall-to-wall with people/ glowsticks and furry boots. We spent most of the night in the other room which was good but we were all feeling knackered by the time we left at 5am.

Fri 4th July: No sleep again and while in Ancient People again someone decided it would be a good idea to stay up, go to San An for the afternoon and catch the sunsest before flying home. 3 of us did just that - Coastline has split into 2 now - 'Coastline' and 'Sun Sea Bar', both equally good but strange to be right next to each other :?: We settled in Kanya where good tunes helped us stay alive before the rest arrived at about 6pm. We then went to Mambos where Pete Tong's Essential Selection played us in to the sunset. We stopped by the West End just to show the others how bad it is, we agreed on that one and headed to Bar M before going back to Ancient People to say goodbye and then off to the airport. My holiday was complete and what a week it was - one to remember, especially regarding a certain girl :D By the time we got back to the UK I think we were all ready to pass out and think about the next adventure.

Hotel - Club Don Toni: Good facilities, rooms ok, great location, food not brilliant but ok for 1 week, bad music and entertainment by reps throughout the day :x Tip: Get packets of ice from the shop for beers etc.
Clubs - Space, Pin-Up and Pacha for sure :!:
Bars - Bora Bora, Ancient People, Base Bar, Mambos, Coastline, Sun Sea Bar and Kanya.
Beaches - Didn't quite do the sun thing but Bora Bora and Salinas are great!
nice one, another reveiw getting me all excited AGAIN! roll on 2nd august!!!!
Great, great review Subs....its got a similar ring to the 10 days i am planning!
thanks for sharing it with us all.