Another dumb question...



I have to keep asking them as I'm a Ibiza virgin embarking this year.

I'm going to Sept. 4th's PVD/Tiesto at Amnesia on Thursday. If the clubs don't open till midnight,does that mean that the club date is Wednesday 12:00 till 8ish am into Thursday morning. As technically, midnight is Thursday. OR is it just midnight Thursday night into Friday morning??

Here in the states unless it's afterhours clubs, I'm not used to that schedule where clubs open at 12.... and I definitely don't want to miss that show.

Thanks again to all you Ibiza wizards for all the info.
If it says thursday night it means thursday midnight into friday morning.......
That will batter my head come midnight on them ibiza nights AARRRGH!!!

But as a rule, say Cream is advertised for thurs and opens at midnight, get there for 23:59 wed night (if that makes sense) on big nights. Most people dont even go till 3ish, but the oaky, pvd and tiesto one is gonna be f***ing HUGE!! I tried to buy a ticket the other day but theres a delay, should be available from next week tho :)
I'm still confused of you said Wednesday midnight, the other says thursday. I can't miss my Tiesto/PVD that's to much.
f***! I made a mistake! My bad- sorry! I actually meant 23:59 Thurs- Like JamieUk said -'thurs night into fri morn'
Don't worry, you won't miss anyone. It's impossible to avoid finding out who's playing and where on each night. Banners, advertisements, even planes flying with banners on the back.
You certainly won't miss anyone.
I tried to buy a ticket the other day but theres a delay, should be available from next week tho

nish where did u try and buy a ticket? u in ibiza????

can we pre buy if we are in london?

I HAVE to buy for sep 4th!
Cream is always Thursday....:)....the day only begins at nite if that makes any sense so if they say midnight on thursday means midnight thursday is the begining of thursday :):):):)
we love ibiza

can't wait
this year before ibiza tiesto-once..pvd-twice maybe 3...and then sep 4th at cream :):):)