Another Avoid - Del Mar Apts, San Antonio


3 years ago we booked up quite late so we basically took what we could get - ended up in the Del Mar right round the corner from the west end. We knew that the location would mean noise etc and were prepared for that - we weren't prepared for this.

1) Being given the smallest room in the building, ground floor, no terrace, just a window.

2) Kitchen gas cannister empty on arrival

3) said cannister not connected

4) not enough plates etc for the 3 that were staying there

5) light switch broken and potentially electrically hazardous.

6) holes at side of window - had a storm one day and water poured in

7) 1 of the 2 beds had at least 50% of the base slats missing making sleeping practically impossible

8) pool seemed to be never cleaned - burst lilos/balls left floating in there

9) window to back of apts which was right at the street had very little security considering its location

10) no plug for sink - were shaving out of a big jug from the kitchen

Despite telling the reps & apt staff numerous times we only got the light switch repaired. Might have been something to do with it being 18-30 and we hadn't signed on for any excursions.

Now when I/we go we always pay that bit more to get decent apts. a lesson learnt.