Ano Nuevo en Barcelona


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Buenos dias! Lo siento, yo habla un poco espanyol :oops: :)

Does anyone have any tips for NYE in Barcelona? I've seen a few lineups, including Circo Loco on 1st Jan at Row 14. Does anyone know the lineup yet?

Gracias :)
i think it's rene and cirillo playing as most of the main guys will be at the end.

however, if dc10 does open new year's day, and they try and get a big name in, then they might play in barcelona too.

there is a matinee event in barcelona on the 1st as well.
circoloco new year tania vulcano, matthias tanzmann, rene and MORE to be confirm
maybe from 8.AM.

other after parties in barcelona: voltech party, merci, mito, afterground, manssion
I did see the Matinee event - much as I enjoy the Ibiza parties, don't really fancy going to a massive event like that. Plus the lineup is not that great IMO.

Circo Loco NYD looks good, keep me updated :)
yo tambien estare en BCN desde el 21 hasta el 28 diciembre? habra alguna fiesta buena durante estas fechas?