Angels el cel?

Angel's had its big time in the 80s but I doubt very much that will be ever be of any importance again. I never quite liked the venue itself, it's just one of those touristy clubs you can also find anywhere else
but the electric bar(neon lights where very fashionable by that time :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) in the 80ies was cool...even the way to goin (slide)
nican said:
What happened to the club "angels el cel"?

according to the local dj ernesto this year it has new owners and they have some interesting plans. no news yet about the opening date, etc!! :rolleyes:

vienna said:
even the way to goin (slide)

the slide has always remained there: in the 80s when it was called angel's, in the mid 90s when it reopened with the name zulú (off season only) and now. what a better way to arrive to the dancefloor than descending through a slide? :p

and yet another update about the club penelope:

apparently it will focus on local and spanish djs!! :rolleyes:

on a curious note - the outside walls have been painted in white instead of orange like last year :!:

and after two months here comes another update!! :eek:

· german dj moguai will do some dates at penelope:

07.08. Ibiza / Kiss Me on Ibiza @ Penelope
21.08. Ibiza / Kiss Me on Ibiza @ Penelope

07.09. Ibiza / Space :!:
11.09. Ibiza / Kiss Me on Ibiza @ Penelope
18.09. Ibiza / Kiss Me on Ibiza @ Penelope

· they already have a website: (still under construction and without any information)

no news yet about the opening date!! :rolleyes:

Mc ;)