Andy C @ space this sunday


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Does anybody know a way of finding out his set time?. I have messaged him on facebook but heard nothing back yet. Were well into DnB and really want to catch his set.

Im not really into the house scene that much i go to ibiza for the good times and the vibe, however i am into DnB so 55 euros to get some DnB is worth it to me.

I have done We Love for the last 3 years so now Andy C aint playin i think its time for something new on sunday.
Haha... I can't imagine D&B in Space! Would be good though 8)

I don't think it is THE Andy C - although DJ Marky did play there in July!
i thought it was THE Andy C as well. does anyone know any good places that play dnb? i was hard-pressed to hear any on the island last time...