In March a few of us are heading to Amsterdam for a few days, Are there any recommendations on clubs to hit, hotels to stay at?
How you doin!!

I lived in Amsterdam for 3.5 years. If you are up for a laugh and want to stay in a cool hotel check out It belongs to a friend of mine called Tommy (from Dublin). It is an absolute nut house!!

Its a small hotel with 10 rooms situated on a canal in the heart of amsterdam.

For night clubs.....Check out "Escape" in rembrantplein or the "Mazzo" or Melkweg (Milkyway).

A little tip....dont smoke too much dope during the day or else you wont stray further than your hotel room. Dont spark up before 7pm!!

Have a good one :eek:)

I looked at the hotel.. it looks awesome, great location and everything... thanks for the suggestions... Don't know much about amsterdam except for the common knowledge.
I've been the Club Escape, Its alright, I can't remember wehich one, But I sparked a Spliff in a club out there and all the locals had a go at me"That is forbidden in here"and all that LOL, I was shocked, But you can't spark up everywhere just cos it legal, We went to Grasshopper a few time, All the touristy places really, But thats what we wanted, Its one of the best Weekends I've ever had, Probabbly......No definately!!!
I want to hit a lot of the touristy places... I guess I want to experiance everything I can, in the few days I'll have there... And thanks for the warning on not lighting up anywhere...
Amsterdam is such a fun city!! You have to get a bike cruise round the streets, there is just so much cool stuff to see. I love the multicoloured trams!! 8) :eek: And the dutch are super friendly! :D

I lived in Amsterdam for 4 years and can guarantee you're in for a great time.

watch out for the 'orange bud''ll be laughing for hours :lol:


I fell in love with Amsterdam the first time I visited ('99) -- at that time I was just into wilding out, but after I returned I fell in love with the culture, lifestyle, and the people. I enjoyed walking along the canals at night and visiting the many wonderful restaurants (Supper Club). It's also a great city to shop. I started making friends there and they showed me around town and taught me about the history and social issues in Amsterdam. The only negative I have about Amsterdam is the horrible weather; I went in August and it was chilly, I went in Fall and it was cold, I went in Spring and it was raining.
I'm going to Amsterdam the weekend of 21sth March, my girlfriend isn't really the clubbing type and she's going to Ireland; so this was my chance to hit Amsterdam with a few friends and go all the way :eek: