Anyone know any good Trance clubs in Amsterdam?

We mostly stay in the red light district so anywhere close would be nice
usually different nights around different clubs
my suggestion would be to get Time Out amsterdam it is my bible
or go on line they have loads of information for amsterdam clubs
chemistry at Escape(saturday).....also paradiso is good...cheers..:)..
You might want to check out Mazzo - a superb club in my opinion - the music varies from night to night but the last time we went to Amsterdam the music on the Saturday was really good trance.

As Pacha4life mentioned, Escape (Rembrandtplein) is a really god nightclub, more so if you catch the Chemistry nights.

It might be worth finding out whats on at the Roxy Amsterdam as although we didn't go, we did see flyers for some good loking nights there.

Also you could try Melkveg as Layo and Bushwaka play here now and again

Hope this helps a bit

a friend of mine lived there and here are the top four he recommended for us to go....

sinners in heaven

and there are some clubs in rotterdam as well....i'm goign back this year to amsterdam......wiht a smaller group unlike the bachelor party...and we have some friends to take us to sinners in heaven apparently the stars go i'm gonna hit that up