Amsterdam Question - Need Help


Rich Stazzone

Before I arrive in Ibiza for my first time I will be in Amsterdam for three days. Where should I stay that is priced right?
If you're looking for a cheap hostel in downtown Amsterdam, the Flying Pig is the only way to go.

Cheap rooms, friendly people, great location. The chill-out room in the lobby is practically an Amsterdam landmark! Make your reservation early though because it fills up.
I used a site called in January to book an apartment for me and four mates. They rent houseboats, apartments and houses from 1-6 people for a minimum of three nights. VERY reasonably priced (av €45/n pp). Very good service. You have your own space to mess around in, very important in the dam, far more liberating than an overpriced crappy hotel.
Do it, your own gaf to get mashed in...

Also, you HAVE to go to the best restaurant in the world while you are there - - live djs/vocals in the restaurant, beds to lie on while your served a seven course meal by nubile dutch waitresses/waiters, goes from 8 til 2, and you can smoke your nuts off all night in a very chilled space...the best...
WOW! Arent u all fountains of knowledge! Im considering going to amsterdamn for a few days before I go Ibiza, depends on $£ tho! Either ways nice tips peeps! :)
Amsterdam is very cool, just make sure you do not get too carried away w/ the natural remedies, you have to save up for Ibiza :!:
Amsterdam is such a fun city and people are so friendly. I love those multicoloured trams! :eek: Yeah dont get too high as you end up like me walking around in a complete daze whole time lol! :oops:

Cool links!! 8)
Places to visit:
1. VONDEL PARK: a favorite place for people-watching.

2. STEDLIJK MUSEUM: undoubtedly one of the world's leading museums of modern art.

3. VINCENT VAN GOUGH MUSEUM: self explantory.

4. LEIDSPLEIN: this square represents Amsterdam's nightlife at its vibrant best. You can visit: Palladium, Bulldog, Rookies -- all nice places to hang out.

4. PRINSENGRACHT: walk along this canal in the evening. Of the three canals that form the Canal Ring, Prinsengrach (Prince's canal) is in many ways the most atomospheric.

5. ANNE FRANKHUS: the house which is now a house/museum of Anne Frank.

6. Shopping ~ PC Hoofstrat: if you want to stock up on some $serious$ gear visit this street/shopping district.

shoes: Shoebaloo (next to Leidsplein)
WhiteIsleGirl said:
If there's an Amsterdam Guru, it's premile! All I ever hear every year from his mouth is going to Amsterdam then Ibiza. I said...why not other places? For the obvious, I guess!

:p -- as I was reading this post I just reminisced on all the wonderful times I had in Amsterdam. That place feels like a second home to me. I missed out on a Spring visit this year because of the war, but God's willing I'll be back. I wish I could just fly over there for this weekend for the restaurants and shopping :D