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Ok heres the thing....Been to all the main clubs in Ibiza except Amnesia...anyone tell me which is the best night to go on? pwwwwwease?!?!?

if you like trance, then thursdays are cream tiesto, PVD etc
if you like techno then mondays are cocoon, sven vath, richie hawtin etc
if you like the wild and flamboyant nightlife then la troya is your day on wednesday and sundays
Or for house music try made in italy on fridays and Zentih on saturdays...

i would say cream but thats only because it's the only night i have been on to cream but it was well worth it.
I can give or take Amnesia, vastly overrrated imo, not been there since 1999 or 2000. It would have to be something damn good to tempt me back there agaijhn.
The terrace at amnesia can be great fun, no matter what day/night you go on.

Main room has a very 'British' feel to it. Depends what you like I guess.
agree with barbie an over rated club, squashed on the dancefloor with no chance of getting to toilets, everywhere else on the dancefloor always looks great but when you get there your like a sardine always found it a bit boring, attracts a young brit crowd so not much debauchery, went to la troya and it was rammed, too busy, i know this sounds like a right moan but everyone likes what they like so i tend to stick to space, dc10, pin up, pacha
you moan about amnesia main room being too rammed, but isn't this the case all over the island...
Robo said:
you moan about amnesia main room being too rammed, but isn't this the case all over the island...

Nowhere is as busy as the main room in Amnesia :rolleyes:

Like Hot-bi said, give me Space, DC10, Pacha and Pin-up any day of the wk, at least an old bint like me can get a bit of room to dance in these clubs :p
Robo said:
very true barbie.......
the sound system was poor as well last year.

Altho if those rumours about Gatecrasher been at Amnesia on Tuesdays are true I can see my trance loving pup of a b/friend dragging me there kicking and screaming lol :p
Robo said:'ll just have to drag him to pacha on wednesday hehehe!!!

Well that obviouly goes without saying, he knows who wears the Subliminal trousers in our relationship :p ;)
La Troya on Wednesdays is the only day to visit Amnesia.
It's amazing!! (On the terrace when the sun comes up at about 5ish that is)
it depends on the time of the summer you're there, if you're going in June the sun starts to rise up from the horizon a bit after 6, in September it does after 7. This is more or less.
slightly controversial but i have had my best pure 'drug' experiences in amnesia.
By that i mean that, if you disregard the music, the people i was with and the atmosphere, i've had the best quality 'buzz' several times in amnesia.

I think it;s to do with that damned ice cannon. pills work best in amnesia 8)
I'll have to check it out at least once. Sounds like it'll be Cream on thursday as i have to get my fill of trance for sure!! :p
f*** Amnesia!

Went to see Tiesto play a 6hr set there last yr and was really
looking forward to this nite more so than any other.
Ended up that it was really disappointing - shite club, brutal sound system,
far too packed and about 100 degrees too hot.
only stayed for 2hrs as it did my f**king head in!