AMNESIA nights

hehe u were beeped for no reason!thinking about how big trance still is, its weird they dont have any bigger nites in ibiza, wonder why....?
I can better wonder why the beep was included... the sentence was something like "in the f u t u r e ....."
There is a reason I can think of why trance isn't as much anymore on the island...

Trance is a more difficult kind of music, so maybe the people which are visiting the island now, aren't that difficult, but prefer the easier versions of dance music.

Probably the hooligan-like from San Antonio have spread their wings in all the clubs on the island, and not only in the karaoke bars in San Antonio...
gettin the 411

i'm seeing armin on sunday in calgary and i'm hoping to ask him what tha dilli is on his (and ferry's) situation in ibiza this year. i'm going from the 1st to the 14th of August and I couldn't imagine not seeing one of the two :?: :?: :?:
Yeah.. indeed.. a summer on Ibiza without Ferry and Armin would be strange!

Maybe when I heard the interview with Ferry, he had indeed a contract or deal with Gatecrasher, and so did Armin. So maybe that is why they didn't receive bookings from others for Ibiza.

And that Gatecrasher did cancel the summer because of problems... so that the deal is over for Ferry and Armin, but that it is too late to get new bookings for Ibiza.
The story continues (although we are getting a bit off-topic), but I am now seeing on the Ferry Corsten site ( that he will be spinning the wheels on the Judgement Sundays in Eden. 20th of July and 3rd of August.

The site of Armin van Buuren ( doesn't say anything about him visiting Ibiza this summer.

So, no Gatecrasher and no Armin this summer @ Ibiza, and only 2 times Ferry.... What is going on?
update on Tuesday nights

Main room - Iberican Sound
Terrace - Amnesia parties.

the themes for these parties are:

15/7 Pocholo pt A Pescar...!
22/7 Pocholo pt A Pescar...!
29/7 Aniversario Amnesia
5/8 Miss y Mister Amnesia
12/8 Brasil
19/8 Star Wars - La Guerra de las galaxias
26/8 Fiesta Espanola
I talked to armin on sunday before his set and said there could be a possibility of godskitchen making a few appearences this summer. he didn't know (or wouldn't tell me) the specifics of it but it seemed as if there is going to be a few surprises this year in ibiza. :eek:
I did sent him an email last week around the end of his radio programme on the Dutch danceradio, but he didn't reply it (yet).

But ok... Armin a few times for Gods Kitchen...