Amnesia - help needed all!


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Ok here goes! Me and my lad are off to Anmesia for the first time on thurs!!! Weve managed to get free rides and discount entry! All´s i need to no know is what to wear girlies!? would short kharki skirt and gold/khaki haltreneck top be acceptable with my black flio flops!?? want it to be best night so need to feel good!
also does anyone know bout pre-parties at bar M? worth checking out???+what time should i get there?
Thanx all!!!
I cant believe it was 24 degrees at 1.30 this morn!!! wow
this won't help, bet wear what you want, and what ever you feel comfortable in.

also do you think flip flops is practical. juts becareful of broken glass and people stamping on your feet.
You’re outfit sounds fine hun.

Flip flops are always good. I don’t go clubbing in Ibiza in anything else. There’s nothing worse than having sore, sweaty feet when trying to dance.
thanks K!
What would you suggest then Robo???? Cant exactly wear my trainers now can I??? or my killer heals? Recvommend i buy some???????????????????? :cry: damn you wasting my beer money!!!!
personally i wear i some smart trainers, but i'm not exactly going to wear heels or flip flops am i.

but if beer is more important to you then....

:lol: :lol:
k swiss trainers look quite smart. i mite buy some before i go.