Amnesia Closing Party [20-Sep-03]

Kristoff K

New Member
Is this traditionally a big party? Amnesia is best with the terrace full of people going strong late into the morning. Does anyone believe that this will be the case this year, or will the owners squash the party at 7am?

Must not be too great seeing as how no one is responding, oh no!!!

hey it closing time of the year
the clubs dont give a f u c k
theyll take the fine n party
on so i believe :D

the swear filter is there for a reason, plesae do not abuse it.

kristof, don't worry, amnesia will be open until mid afternoon ;-) best time to get there is 7 or 8 in the morning - you walk in free and the terrace is going for it - of course straight after it shuts pile down to space for the closing of sundasy @ space - what a weekend!!