American traveling solo to Ibiza Sept. 7th-10th :)

Ibiza in September

hi everyone, I am there 2 - 8 September, so if you would be itnerested in going partying together some nigths let me know
am also in ibiza town! also my first trip to Ibiza! can't wait. i will be there from 3rd with a few friends and then they leave and I'm on my own from 7th.
sorry was a bit hasty with the send reply. what I meant to say was I can't access your link (natelo) via facebook, don't know why or perhaps I just don't know how. It takes me to the login and then when I cut and paste your link in search it doesn't recognise it. Eugenia my only plan so far is pacha on fri, KM5 on saturday, maybe el divino after (?) and Space Sunday. From 7th onwards free to go wherever the wind blows! Where abouts on the island will you be staying?
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Goin on the same dates!

Hey there!! Im also going alone from the 7th to the 10th of September! It will be my first time to the island and I want to have the best time possible, so it would be great to meet and go out to party with all of youu!

I would love to go to Amnesia on the tuesday 8th of September to see Armin Van Buuren!

I´m staying in a little hotel in San Antonio....

Hope everybody has a great time and see you in paradise!

It's great to see that you guys(gals) will be there during the same time. I will be staying at the La Marina in ibiza town. We should definitely meet up, as I am sure we'll have a blast. My email is so keep in contact :)