American Spotlighters - Tell Me About Arizona


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British club website DSI seems to have been over by teenagers from Arizona, going to raves in deserts, "rolling" "hating" on each other and being"underage panyt-ravers".

Oh and some bloke who ran a semi-legal venue full of kids, who's a convicted paedophile after getting an infant to urinate on his genitals.

So, what gives?
Arizona is the land of beautiful weather and beautiful women.

Pretty established rave scene, but it's mainly candy ravers (happy hardcore). The MDMA scene is good as well.

Fun place.
To be honest John, theres a grain of truth in Polack's statement. You are a bunch of wacky bastards.
No more so than you lot!
Super Polack in the Xmas Party thread said:
Got offered to go back to a colleagues flat and watch her on her sex horse machine thing on my do on Monday. She was a certified sex addict and got counselling for it
:rolleyes: :confused: :lol:
Last time I went to Arizona I loved it... Mind you, it was at least 10 years ago, so maybe things have gone loopy since then !

(I lived in US for a while and found that they were no madder than anywhere else I have lived before or since...)