am I right?


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As I've just seen the tv-shows and stuff like that about Ibiza on E! channel I'm really curious if its like the image I have of the place?
Before this summer I wanted to go to Greece and find work and I was really worried about even getting a job after all,ppl told me it was hard and I had to go there early etc etc.So I left school 3 weeks before ending it and came there in may with no problem at all finding a job,actually bathed in job offers.Even though the place itself was not to big loads of people go there and look for work.Maybe I was lucky I dont know so now I'm a bit curious this talk about how hard it is comes from "experts" that dont want other to come there or from people that was unlucky? I hope I get myself understood? I know after all Ibiza is a much more famous place and that brings lots of more people to go there and find work.But as a hypotes: (and I know no one have THE answer) but generally,If I go there in mid-june when I graduate and look for pr/bar/waitressing work how big is the chance really? I look for girls maybe done it? Or is this just a myth about Ibiza? How many go there and ending up with nothing? And then I mean I'm very serious in the job and so on...not just go there to drink dont give a f***.....
my advice 4 you - dont really pay attention to all these forums, of course it may be helpful, but there are so many people writing stuff that in reality it can be totally different. You need to go there and see what's its like. I went this year (mid-june) and truly it was pretty different than all the stuff I'd read here. If you really wanna get a job, are desperate in finding it and don't give up, YOU WILL GET IT, no matter what. The first 2-3 weeks may be really difficult and a lot of people decide to go home during that time. I went there with a couple of friends, got a job after a week or so, then got sacked, and after 2 weeks they decided to go back home because there were no jobs. It was a pretty hard time for me but I knew I had nothing to do back home for the rest of the summer and I stayed. I kept really hard looking for a job, after a week got one in the bar, then after another week got the second one- PRing for one of the big clubs. Now I know that it was a really good decision, I spent there 3 months and had THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE :D
I think it might be even easier for you to find a job, becuase you are english, Im not... :lol:
yeah I agree with you 2 thats what I mean- you hear a lot of different stuff from people but I think its best to find out by yourself...yet I havent decide if I will go or not.Maybe I do greece one more year.How much did they pay you for doing the PR? How much money did u bring with you when u came there? when I went to Crete I came with about 300 euro and we fixed the apartment back home so we moved in the same day and I got job the first night.(or I started after 4 days but still got the deal)
So being there with no job and a rent to pay much costs alot? I read somewhere 800 for accomodation and then 300 for extras.I mean thats a hell lots of money!! :eek: Are u going back in 04?