All My Ibiza 2002 Piccies !!!

Nice Pikies.... COOL PICS...

Especially from the date i was there... Sept 9 - 18!

Nice piks.... COOL PEOPLE... I missed all of u!

Next time... >
I was there a similar time also... only found the board when I got back!! :rolleyes:

They are all really friendly over at, and one have busy forum!! :D
shit - sorry I missed you mate, and sorry you didnt know about the site before i went i did post a couple of messages on here but must admit i didnt really try hard enough putting the word out - part of trouble is having sites like deleting my posts and even logins when I try to post honest info about meeting up. I really get fecked off with people thinking I'm trying to make something out of it - just want everyone happy and everyone clubbing together - someone shoot me !

Ibiza was fecking wicked but must admit it was a WELL DOWN on attendance to last year - I'm not sure where everyone is going but the clubs were half empty and do not justify spending 40/50 euros on - next year, if i do go (probably), i will probably just go to the FREE pre-parties with the SAME DJs, near enough the SAME set at BETTER venues - sod the clubs - for me privilege, amnesia etc.. are pretty shite for the money. But that is only my PERSONAL OPINION. Also I used to love Eden (and still do) but get a little bit f*cked off with the attidudes of some of the PR people on the doors.

No worries mate - I'll have to try to meet up with some of you guys here in the UK :D (by the way, I am mattd on the clubtheworld forums also!).

I heard that tourism in Ibiza was about 70% of last year. I partially put this down to all of the bad press Ibiza gets on TV (Ibiza Uncovered, etc.) :evil: - this really annoys me when I tell people I am going to Ibiza and then have to explain that the Ibiza Uncovered view of Ibiza is like only a couple of streets in San An, not the whole Island!! </rant> However, I did speak to a few people from Spain - they were saying that tourism is down across the whole of Spain also, not just the Balearics.
The Way Forward

Alright people, just arrived back. Had a ball, but I agree with a post earlier, the way forward is the free parties/cheaper nights.
Some clubs like Cocoon and Moneypennies are worth the loot but i'll be visiting Ibiza Underground and Pin Ups next year and of course Bora Bora which has been amazing for years.
I've been going to Ibiza on and off since 93 and have seen the scene grow to its peak about 2/3 years ago. Numbers dropping will hopefully lead the way to new ideas, clubs, and DJs in future years. The original Baleric vibe was across the board dance music, lets hope that attitude returns. Fingers crossed.