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Been to ibiza 5 years running.
going in july to the playa dorada in cala llonga, 1st time all inclusive.
ive read that the bar is waiter service only so was wondering do i tip each time i am waited on or do i tip at the end of my holiday.
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its up to you which ever way you fancy.find out what they like to drink and maybe buy them a they can have a drink later.
Thanks for your reply.
not to sure about all inclusive,only did it because of the rubbish exchange rate.
drink yourself silly from 10 am till midnight.bargin really.nice on hot days to have loads of soft drinks and water then later a few pints or wine.
The only problem is

The more hotels that offer it

The more tourists that except it

The more bars will close

The more tourists will moan the place is dead

and of course you can only have the cheap local brew, not the proper job...................

I agree with Tony in the past 10 years I have seen more and more bar/restaurants closing with the introduction of All inclusive although I must say the quality of the beers and spirits from the hotels AI are inferior to the bars who have better quality products on offer ,but you get what you pay for , The AI culture also does not promote the island as well because people tend not to venture away from the hotels and see what Ibiza really has to offer which is more than getting pissed which AI encourages . Tui also have been trying to get more hotels to go AI for what reason tour operators have to dictate what goes on I cant get my head round apart from tour operators more than likely have shares in the hotels or hotels owners have a share in tour operators , If the island is to survive the AI has to either stop or keep it to just daytime and give the other business a piece of the cake but there are always the few who take take take and only look after themselves but in the end will loose out
rant over

Hi Mitac really good rant and spot on, those three big hotels are slowly killing Calla Llonga it gets more quiter every year and the local bar owners are suffering, one night last september we came back from Santa Eulalia just after midnight and the onlly bar open was maddisons this side of Calla Llonga. regards Stu
Never used AI in ibiza - but when i did (last time in egypt), i gave tip in the first days after this every second day. Service was MUCH better after giving tip!
I agree that to many hotels on AI is a bad thing for resorts, bars and restraunts generally..........But the customer is "King" as they say and its their choice where and when to spend their money.

People generally vote with their feet / wallet and if all the bars hadnt taken the P155 with extortionate prices for years then perhaps there wouldnt be so many AI Hotels popping up all over the place!
After all, Ibiza bars have been known for being overpriced for many years and things will only get worse in the current climate. If they dont compete or offer something unique or different to attract the punters back, then it will only get worse.
Sad as it is, Ibiza bars might have to start having happy hours and BOGOF promotions like the rest of the Med to survive :) :(
Sorry but I disagree that AI is responsible for decline in bars/restaurants. Yes if in AI hotel you will stay in the hotel in the day time but most people do that anyway regardless if the Hotel is AI or not. People are on holiday and will venture out pretty much every evening/night. If bars are failing they need to re look at their marketing and find something original to attract tourists. There have been to many bars just cropping up by people just wanting to go abroad and set up a bar with not really much thought into it. I say this because some family friends went to Majorca and set up a bar. It failed within 2 years - Not because of AI but because people were going to other bars which they prefer.
I dont mean the ones who think I will set a bar up and rip tourist off traders which there are some who do this mostly in San An with offers like 4 bottles for so much and they give you a farty little bottles and not a standard one , thats a total con .I am on about the bars restruants who have been there for years estabished ones Spanish Ibizicans themselves not just the English German and Italians ,also I have not found any bars with really expensive prices most I have paid recently was 5 euro and that was for pint Guiness and J Smiths which are more than likely brewed under licence over there but still .the local spanish beers can be bought for 1.5 euro a pint in some places .also people will venture out this is true if only to have a change of scenery and sober up as there is only so much alcohol and liquid that can be consumed in a day so thats another factor to consider
so a cool drink ends the day nice

have fun everyone