all inclusive???



hiya :)

do u think it would work out cheaper 2 go for an all inclusive hol or not??? cos the prices r a lot more expensive 4 all inclusive, its just whether itll turn out cheaper in the long run...


all inclusive will not work in ibiza as their is to much to do out side of the hotel and you will spend the same any way.

half board my be more helpfull.
IMO I wouldn't bother cos it will mean being quite restricted to the times you eat - If you are going out clubbing then chances are you will miss breakfast.

And if you are out for the day, it means that you have to be back at the hotel to catch the meal times - thats just my opinion...

I thought about doing this before so I could stay at the hotel for a while drinking unlimited booze b4 going out - but it was the set meal times that put me off...
yeah, i thought that mite b what would happen

n yea, i prob would miss breakfast every day!

cheers :D
You can eat out cheaply anyway. I think its more fun to chose different places to eat rather than stay in the same place. We always go self-catering.
first time i went to spain we went half board. but the food was not to our liking, it was all german type foods and now we go self catering. its fairly cheap and the choices of were to go are endless. and if you go self catering your apartment will have a lot more space in it.