All Inc Hotels


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Need to know what good All Inclusive hotels there are in San An Bay

Used to stay at Bergantin but fancy somewhere different this year

Dont want anywhere that is directly on a footpath (like the ones on the promenade - Hawaii) but dont mind them being right on the beach

Hotel Nautilus, right at the end of the bay though, but on the beach. Not 4 star as advertised though, more 2.8 stars :lol:. Search on travel supermarket and then hit link to, which gets discounted this way.:confused: Very good price in June when I'm going:)

the nautilus is only a 5 min walk from the bergantin, just opposite jackie browns restaurant xx not has good food and service as the bergantin though xx
im tempted just to go back to the bergantin - not far to stumble back from Pink Panther after 3 too many jugs and 4 to many sambucas!! :lol::lol:
hi sue
ain't the one opposite you mar something all inc as well also that's twinned with the one above you that can be booked all inclusive i think
hi karl

the one opposite is called the san remo, it is joined to estanyol and xaloc, all 3 share one reception run by gps group now same as nautilus xx they do offer all inc, but again from what i have been told lower standard food and drink than bergantin xxx