All alone 17-24 September (awwwww!)



Hey people!

I loved my week in Ibiza in July so much I decided to go out again to hit the closing parties between Wed 17 Sept and Wed 24 Sept.....unfortunately I have been SERIOUSLY let down by the people I was going to go back out with, but NO WAY is that going to stop me from making it back over.....however.....although I know I'm going to meet loads of cool people and make new friends over there again it would be pretty cool to have a ready made group to go clubbing with if if the following timetable sounds similar to yours and you don't mind having an easy going 24 yr old from Cardiff along for the ride then get in touch at, cheers!

Thursday 18 Sept: Cream @ Amnesia
Friday 19 Sept: Pure Pacha @ Pacha / Euphoria @ Eden
Saturday 20 Sept: Hed Kandi @ El Divino
Sunday 21 Sept: We love Sundays @ Space
Monday 22 Sept: Release yourself @ Pacha / Manumission @ Privilege
Tuesday 23 Sept: AM Manumission carry on @ Space PM Miss Moneypennys @ El Divino

And no, I don't intend having any sleep this time :D


Hiya mate

I fly out on the 17th Sept I am going on my jack. Its my first trip over and really looking forward to it. I'll be there for a week and want to go to the Relaease Yourself night and Hed kandi night.

If you fancy meeting up for a drink or two give me a shout.