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If the euro rate stays the same, would you advise getting your sprirts from duty free at the airport, or from the supermarkets in san antonio.

Dawn x
Happily, there's a large Lidl store in Ibiza town (just outside Figuretas), for those of us who aren't fussy!!
Happily, there's a large Lidl store in Ibiza town (just outside Figuretas), for those of us who aren't fussy!!
Not much use to dawn,who wants info on non available duty free within EU.

She also never comes back to questions she has asked :rolleyes:

So, Lidl never mind not fussy,that place is rammed every opening hour in my experience,I think that says something !

btw, I can't believe the quality of the wine bought there,less than 2 euros a bottle expecting the usual ****e, just completely wonderful.
Maybe I have just been lucky
yep it is a too far to get cheap will need a car to stock up with.lots of supermakets selling cheap enough booze in san an anyway.just lucky if your staying in pdb i a fridge in my room this will be stocking up on a few cans of soft drinks.i like to drink out and at least give the bars a bit of money.say things are not that bad.ok buying your own drinks before you go out is fine.but if everyone did would be worse than going a/i.really killing the bars off.
Just back from Magaluf (friends stag do) and the bar prices really hit the pocket this year. Hoping Ibz is not to bad...


Thanks to everyone who advised re alcohol prices - i think we'll probably get themon the aeroplane -as the offer with jet2 is 2 bottles of litre smirnoff for £16- which at todays rate is about 18 euros.... then we'll be sorted for when we land.

Sorry to any1 who thinks i dont come backto questions is have asked. I tend to aska question,and lots of people pm me answers and ideas,to which i immediately reply.

Thats my bummed smacked tho :spank:
Lidl in Ibiza town is only a cheap bus-ride (and a short walk) from San An. Prob well worth the half-day to save the cash!!

near macs sign.around 18 to 20 euro by taxi,from san might be better off getting the # 3 bus cheap to about with the map i have put on.print it out and walk it from town.about 15 mins.then get a taxi back,

use arrows on side of map.keep printing a map out.then stick them togetheron one can get maps like this for all resort.very usefull indeed

for those nearer staying in pbd/ect hers another map
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