Alcohol in supermarkets


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How much is booze in the supermarkets nowdays? When I was in San An last it was about 1 Euro (if that) for a massive bottle of San Miguel. Is vodka still cheap?

Pointless thread I know but I tried finding the answers on here with no joy. Obviously a full fridge is an important part of the holiday experience...
:p:p:p you right.

Last year i brought booze with me to the isle, when later i found that its cheaper to buy it in the supermarkets then carrying it with me.

Hurrah, a response to your thread! :)

That's a first in my book! Smuggling booze in to save a pound or 2 on your holidays!
this year im planning to buy the booze over there , unless I'll take 1 with me to ride on the plane = long trip - i gotta sleep :p:lol: