Alan Partridge

love it

Foot through spike and then presenting awards show

are my favourite bits

......when he goes to school to do a careers chat - "back of the net"

Dan - is by far the funniest..... we have a bloke in the next office to us who on several occasions can be heard in the corridor shouting for his mate 'Dan' cracks us up
your saaaaaaaaad!!

you want to upgrade

so do a new face

he practically soiled himself he had kenko coming out of his nostrils!!
Nothing to add - the best comedy character ever!

On the 'Dan' clip, I love the arm that nearly goes around Lynn - then the flinch back - poor woman!
'Lynn, your laughing at Weather' :lol:

and i also love the Foot on a Spike clip and the retching and throwing up during the awards :lol:

Love it all, could watch it on repeat all day, actually have them all DL to my iphone so i can watch at my leisure on the bus to and from work - yes im Saaaaaaaaad :lol:
gotta love the ongoing banter between him and susan & sophie on reception and the crank caller who turns out to be his celeb stalker!!

"ders more to oirland dan dis"