Alan Pardew

Not all footballing terms are suitable for tv broadcasting. Pardew does come out with some cobblers and this is just another example of it.

However I wonder how many people have complained after the event ala Ross and Brand!! I'm waiting for the PC brigade from Brighton to ring up when someone shouts back door son!
funny as.

classic example of how the football world and media should be handled with caution.

a bit like paul merson, what a waste of space. what he doesn't know about football is everything.
Merson is a total clown. Shows total lack of respect for players trying to earn a living.

The man is a dodgy as funk too. Got 2 walsall players off their drugs test recently as they were clearly on the dickie davies so good ol Merse made a call. The same Merse who blubbed on tv when he was caught out!
the same merse who says things like "corluka, what corluka, why's he taking a pen, you need a dead ball specialist like david bentley".

milk cup peno shoot out.

obviously knows his stuff if he didn't think corluka would slot it home.