Airport to Cala Llonga 00.40am (Transfer)???


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Hi can anyone tell me roughly how much a taxi from the Airport to Cala Llonga would be?? We are arriving at 00.40am so I dont think the buses will be running at that time!! - also roughly how long the journey would take. AND is it worth risking not booking a transfer through the tour operator and doing it myself!

I reckon about 20 euros,and 20-25 mins,not quite sure what you mean about transfers,but if you are on a package and have the option it will probably be cheaper than a taxi,but slower.
Myself I would just get on the coach and enjoy the slow ride.

If your operater is offering you a choice of transfer like mini bus,taxi (booked) rickshaw etc,don't bother, get taxi.
hi we stayed in cala llonga last year and went to playa den bossa for a pxss up at unos(got to be done) and got a cab back to cala llonga from there and it were 25 euros and thats not far from the airport so i presume it would be somewhere between 30 - 35 euros as woody says.

hope it helps - where you staying by the way?
bear in mind the prices are weighted more for airport pick ups, the no.s of cases and the time your picked up aswell. Would definitely go down the taxi route though, a prebooked transfer by your holiday company will be way more expensive.
My guesstimate was based on a 4am trip from Es Cana to the airport, two of us with luggage, 35 euro on the meter. However,it was a couple of years ago.
private taxi quote on line is £133.00 return.shuttle bus which you might have to £65.00 i would go for a taxi outside airport.if you can get others the share a big taxi even just ask at rank if anyone is going to your resort.****tle buses ate ok.but having to wait for them to pick you up is the bad you may not go direct to might pick other people up on the make it you can set off when you what to.getting checked in early.and relax.

where is cala longa are you staying.
Thanks All, i have been quoted 16 euros each (there are 2 adults and a child) for shared transfer - we are going to Cala Llonga Apartments if anyone has heard of it!!! - its suppose to be on the beach! - sorry ncd i dont think i will be going for a pxss up with my 10 year old daughter in toe lol x
yep right on the below and spar shop just round the the funny low branched tree outside bar will you.they should be a bit of rubber on it in case you bump your head.
Thanks for the warning Woodruffe - Im clumsy at times anyway so its sure to get me when ive had a couple lol - looks like we are in for a decent holiday there - we cant wait i know weve left it a bit late in life to go to Ibiza (im 40 my mates 50 but both young at heart haha) but ive heard a lot of good things so getting excited now!
don;t worry i am 46.

buses for you ok.

15- eivissa-jesus-cala llonga
41- sta.eularia-cala llonga
look right in front of bar ok.on the right is the road where bustop is.or you can walk up hill a bit near fagshop.

roughly near where it says 2.bustop is on beach side.

to get to playa den bossa get the 15 bus at station.get a # 14 to pdb.if you time it right less than a hour if that.cost around 3 euro if way.but check time tables for the bus 15 ok.41 will take 10 mins depends on traffic,always ask before you get on the bus.they change the signs round you see.enjoy it.

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