airport strike!? eeek!!


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Hey, need ure expertise again!

am booked to go away on the 25th August,bank holiday weekend,well am a bit worried as there was a thread a lil while ago about there being a proposed strike at Ibiza airport that week, :evil: :cry: :evil:

haven't heard anything about it in the news and have kept my ears peeled!

Just wonderin if any1 had heard/knew anything?

any info, good or bad would be much appreciated,

Love Amy xxx
i check the ibiza newspapers almost everyday and i havent read about it :!:

SHAME ON U!!! Leavin the weekend of Creamfields, Tribal and Notting Hill! I do demand u have it Especially laaaarrrge on the island to make up for ur timing!

there were supposed to be about eight strikes during July and August and not one has taken place so I think it is fair to say you can relax
oh how we always seem to go off topic. didnt this start off about airport strikes or something?! :lol: