Agnelli and Nelson


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Anyone ever heard of these guys? I have a DJ Icey cd with a song that he remixed by them that I really like called "Everyday". I was curious if the rest of their music would be anything I might like.
Yeah i have one called Ibiza Euphoria mixed by them. Havent listened to it in a while but i remember it was pretty good. Bought it in 2000 so i dont know where they stand now. Sorry, guess thats not much help. Anyone else?
They're from my neck of the woods. I've seen Robbie Nelson dj more than a few times & i've bumped into Agnelli in clubs around Belfast, he's a nice fella... though i did tell him that their music productions were a big bag of wank... he seen the funny side though!! :D
hmmm, thanks for your comments, although I guess I am going to have to listen to some other stuff of theirs for myself to really find out what I want to know :confused: :)
commerical low end top 40 stuff

no a fan of them i think they had one okay tune so far.

to commerical for my taste's the songs remind my of the vega boys.

jsy plain annoying... :evil:
They play about twice a year at the club I go to in Manchester (Tangled). They're signed to Xtravaganza records most of their tunes are euphoric trance if you like Everyday you'll probably like most of their other stuff.