Age group at Ibiza?



Im 18 years old and pretty much just recently found out about Ibiza. I have started to read up on all the parties, music, and the sites. But would a group of my freinds around 18-20 have a good time there? What is the age group?

And What is a good site to get info about flights and costs to stay about a week there?
well you´ll probably find people at your age, but opposite to many other Islands Ibiza has a older genration of clubbers, since its more exclusive and acceptable to go clubbing in your midthirties there, leaves me about 9 years left of fun and games LOL*
i first went when i was 17 i am 21 now and it gets better everytime i go. when i was 19 i said it was the best two weeks of my life im going this year with my girlfriend and i recon it will be better.
I first went when I was 19/20, I'm 27 now and there's a few years left in this old gal yet!!!

Seriously, in clubs you'll be dancing next to an 18 year old on one side and then someone in their 30s the other side.
I saw plenty of old guys in the clubs-and they seemed to be some of the most energetic! :lol:

What I like about Ibiza is that you will find people of all ages, from all countries there. It's just such a releaxed, chilled-out place. (bar some of the stuck-up posers you get in Pacha and We (don't) love Sundays at Space.)
There's a place for EVERYONE in Ibiza. I've seen young, middle aged, and older people getting down in Ibiza -- letting it all hang out -- just being themselves.
age what age !!

Well i'm 28 but don't you yung uns go thinkin that i'm in bed by 12:00. I'll be doing my usuall thing going out a lot and dancin the night away. Im not going to be bothered if i'm dancin next to yung 18 yr old or a guy in his 90's as long as you don't go around acting like a group of idiots no-one will have a problem with your age, apart from maybe if u try and chat up the wrong girls. some girls will only be looking for a nice rich guy in his forties preferably with a big boat and villa on the island ( and a full set of hair ) ooops getting carried away with myself.
all different ages, shapes and sizes welcome ... I think !!