Advice\Possible Room Mate needed, anyone help?



Hey all,
Been lookin forward to a trip to ibiza for the last 6 months or so, but they mate i was going with has dropped out, thankfully we hadnt booked yet (last minute deals and all that) Well, this leaves me with one of two options.

1) find someone to share with, im not fussy and i get on with everyone (years of living in shared accomodation)

2) go by myself

So if anyone is looking for someone to share with out there, get in touch. Also guys, ive not been to ibiza before, so any advice on how good it is/friendly it is to be out there by yourself, drop me an email, any advice is well warranted.

Im looking to travel around the time of the radio 1 weekend in august. I hear thats gonna be a great time, and im open as to accomodation/location etc...

So i leave it in the capable hands of all you ibiza veterans!

My email is :


- James