Advice on Vinyl please....


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Here goes guys....Im starting out in this whole Djing thang(after years of contemplation) as a newbie im still obviously learning the vinyl deal.
I wanna get aload of the balearic tunes from the last 4 years.Heres the question....Do some record shops stock most tunes from say 1998 onwards......I know it may seem a dumb ass question but hey...every smart ass was once a dumb ass :lol:
I've been collecting vinyl for many years and generally a record will be released and after a period of time which could be anything from a few monthes to a couple of years or so the record will then be deleted which means you have to go to a specialist record shop which buys and sells second hand vinyl. If you're after records from around 98 you'll have to go to the specialists such as Hard to Find Records based in Birmingham (UK) who deal specifically in older tunes.

But they aren't the only ones, go to the links section on and you'll find a lot of online record shops, one of which I regularly use is , but they may or may not have what you want although they have had some older tunes in their extensive back catalogue.

Depending on what tune it is the prices may vary, and that's even if you can get hold of a copy.

Hope this was of help. ;)
Many thanks for that Gecko...See whats happend with me is I got alot of tunes on cd as I bought a cd player too...but i wanna build a strong playlist of my own personal favs on vinyl.I guess i got the bug ;) ...

Once again....many thanx mate. :)
Don't bother with hard to find, best place to pick up tunes is on Ebay, always bid at the last minute to be sneaky and pick up some bargains.
Hard to Find do occasionally get some gems in though to be fair. But I have had problems putting back orders in for records then when I manage to get the tune I want I end up getting email from them telling me they now have it in stock.

Once I ordered a tune from them which took 3 weeks to turn up. In comparison I ordered one from Juno on a Tuesday afternoon and it was in my hand first thing Thursday morning and I didn't even pay any extra for special delivery.
Yep juno are pretty slick.

but as this guy lives in London, have a look around for record shops.

As an example, I've been into my trance since early nineties (not too keen on most of recent stuff though as too cheesy), I go to a market in Slough to get my tunes, you have to sift through tons of stuff but if you have the time to browse you can get old classics at £4 a pop. All depends on how popular the stuff you want is though - i.e. I'm into Goa/Psycadelic trance which is not in vogue therefore It's easy for me to pick up the old stuff cheaply.
Hmmm, wise choice OB1.... ;)

I do like some of the goa/psychadelic stuff although I don't have much in my music collection. I have a really old Oakenfold mix on MP3 somewhere which is really deep compared to the tunage he was knocking out at his height over here.

I've heard it's good around Covent Garden for record shops with loads in a one square mile radius, haven't been yet though.
Yep If you wander from Covent Garden up towards Oxford Street (Tottenham Court Road end) I think there are loads of them about.
right hear goes

this is a wicked site, you get a 50 second sample of most new tunes taht are 6 weeks old and it has a massive search/database.

it's called also very cheap as well.

or but you can't listern to any thing but it's good for getting stuff thats 2 to 4 years old. can be costly tho.

hope this helps good luck
If you live in London mate you cant go wrong with Reckless records.

There is one in Soho on Berwick St and there are a few others dotted about. Their website is being updated so try 192 to find out your nearest.

They stock LOADS of second hand records - guaranteed quality - in almost every genre and you can pick up some quality stuff.

Also try Blackmarket records on D'Arblay st and the other established record shops.
totally depends on the tunes you want....

hard to finsd have a really nice user interface for looking at tunes, which to the "novice" is quite cool. plus you can search by remixer and all sorts of stuff..... My only complaint is that they can be slow on the postage, (and it's expensive)........ If you need to call them, try calling Charman (main number), and mention Rob...... (Charman is cool as school - she's even on my xmas card list!!!)

htfr often have some tunes you will not find elsewhere in the county - so its always worth checking out to see what imports they have...

Juno offer a first class mail order tunage service, with most importantly longer and higher quality mp3s of all the tunes in their catalogue.... plus postage is really quick too..... JUST BEWARE - all prices are ex VAT!!!!

Why not check out real audio clips and tippety top tunes......!!

If your're into hard house, come down to chocis chewns in st annes court (i'm there most saturdays too, if not ask for peter or andreas and they will sort you out)...... Also Craig at Trax on Greek Street is perhaps the best ever record store blokie - will definitely help you develop your sound!

Reckless are pretty damn cool, but BEWARE of RIP OFF PtRICES!!!!! They tend to charge through the nose....... Excellent for 97-02 stuff at the moment (house) and some amamzing wierd trax you would never consider buying otherwise..... Tend to be a bit more "aloof" than any other shop though, so don't expect VIP Treatment....... and lets not forget the one and only XSF - the HMV of harder music.... Even if you cannot stand hard house or trance, this place is well worth a visit just for the experience!!!!!