Advice for two weeks!


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Hi there,

I'm new on here but have been to Ibiza a few times so not completely green. I'm off for two weeks, mainly for chilling but with a weekend in the middle where mates are joining us hand we'll probably be out for the whole thing.

I've been recently, and am interested in things like beach bars, those lounge/bar places in the middle of nowhere and also more traditional tapas/ibicenco restaurants and bars too. We're not huge clubbers, but will probably go a couple of times. Prefer a late bar scene...

We'll probably go to KM5 as that's an old favourite, L'Elephant maybe for drinks - but a bit ****y. Have been to Bambuddha Grove before and thought it was a bit rubbish - what other places are along those lines? Have been told about Aura and El Ayoun, any good?

Also, if we have a posh beach day with loungers/day beds etc... would you recommend Blue Marlin or Tropicana? Or another one? How much do the loungers cost on Salinas?

And can anyone recommend some good places for breakfast/brunch, maybe in Ibiza Town? This doesn't seem to get so much coverage! St

Is there much near Finca Toni where we are staying? It's near PDB/Salinas - right next to KM5 I think. Trying to avoid renting a car for the whole period... Stephen's San Jose write-up sounds great and I think the finca has bikes so could maybe cycle, but a bit nervy on the roads!

cheers in advance!