Advice: Club Tickets.


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I was wondering if people think it's the best idea to book tickets for clubs before you leave? Will I find them extortionately more over there (I'd imagine they are on the door) or can you find good deals? If so, where?

Cheers, Steve.
there are very rare cases when you'll find them cheaper than spotlight

typically these are more by luck of the draw than anything else and even then you're probably unlikely to find them cheaper in your average 2 week holiday.

without doubt the main advantage of spotlights tix is that you enter through the guestlist or sometimes an individual queue - miles quicker than any other queue.
I've had mixed luck booking tickets, some i found cheaper on this website,others i found cheaper on the island itself.

My mate is working there anyway so hopefully ill get tickets very cheap, he has told me he has some good sources anyway.