Advance Tickets!



Me and a friend are coming from Mallorca to Ibiza at 26th of August to Gatecrasher @ Amnesia and we were wondering if there's any place where we could buy advance tickets.. :?: As it wouldn't be nice if we came there and noticed that the party was sold out.. :confused:
If anyone knows, please let us know. Thanks :)
Pinkie, it's HIGHLY unlikely that it would be sold out. This was a prior topic of discussions on the spotlight board. When you get to Ibiza just purchase your pre-sale/advance tickets at any bar/record shop (Mega Music/Delta Disco). You'll save 10Euros, if you decide to pay at the door then that will cost you approximately 50 Euros.
strings said:
Failing that you could try I'm not to sure if there cheape but it might be worth a look..

Enjoy !!!! :lol:

I'm a bit apprehensive about purchasing pre-sale tickets online. In 2000 I purchased pre-sale tickets online for the MTV festival at SaPedra~Ibiza and the tickets never arrived. I waited for over 3 months for a reimbursement. Moral of the story; buy your pre-sale in Ibiza at the local bars/record shops.
Does anybody know if the "Club-In Pass" actually work in the clubs it mentions. and is it a truswothy company ????
Has anybody been to their officees in Savannah Beach Club, Calle Vara de Rey, Coastline Cafe, Calo des Moro and actually bought and used this ?? because it sound very intresting