accomodation trauma!!....heeyyyulp


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hi this is a serious sos....not sure if Ibiza is famous for this sort of behaviour but we had paid for a villa for 20 of us arriving nxt Fri...they had our 1000e deposit and we had a letter confirming our received an email casually explaining that they had double booked so our booking is cancelled.
I need to find a villa as close as pos to ibiza town...have tried some of the co's online but without much luck so far....really getting desperate...any help or local knowledge appreciated :cry:
thats a propper bummer mate , hope you get it sorted soon. im assuming they'll give back your deposit?
Name and shame the agency please :!: If you have no luck finding anything, Give me a PM with you number, I can make a few calls, But I would not think it would be a problem on the net at this time of year?

Have a good one