Accomodation if you have transport..


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I'm going at the start of June and have a car ready for me.

Just wondering what would be the best place to stay if I have my own transport. It doesn't have to be central as I like driving and I'm willing to stay somewhere simple if its cheap!

Any recommendations would be appreciated! :)
well with a car skys your limit.scan for hotels ect on line.which ever suits you book it.either san an/playa den bossa/cala longa would be best.depends what you want to spend on hotel.gps have some cheap deals.but don;t forget dont drink and might spill i mean don;t drink and drive.find a base camp where you canset off each day.and return at night for a few i pefer pdb.easy to park.san an bays ok.but one way system now.and san an centre is very hard to drive round unless you know the back roads well.