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Discussion in 'Summer workers in Ibiza' started by Connor94, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Connor94

    Connor94 New Member

    How likely?

    I am coming out 28th May with Summer Takeover who give you the first months accommodation & then seems Im on my own when that is up!

    On reflection I wish I never went down the summer takeover route and just came out alone and found accom on my own before getting out there. Would save me having to f*** about after the first month. Would probably have saved me money too with the summer takeover fee I am paying!

    Really plan on staying the full summer. Would I be able to find something in July?
  2. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    you will find something eventually but you are right, you had better gone independently right from the start.

    I have one advice for you - don't leave sorting accom until the last week of the summer takeover thing.
  3. Connor94

    Connor94 New Member

    Tell me about it... Summer takeover seems to be one big scam!

    Illl be putting word out there for further accom as soon as I get out there on the 28th May. Any regular spots where they will be up on a board of some sort that I should know about?
  4. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    the ship inn used to be a good place, not sure that's still the case.

    else it's simply by asking around, meeting people and eventually you'll find someone with a free spot anywhere still
  5. Fergi

    Fergi Active Member

    Head to Facebook and add yourself on the Ibiza Workers 2018 ( real workers group )
  6. Connor94

    Connor94 New Member

    Everything has f***ed up & I am now not able to get myself out there till Mid July due to circumstances out of my control! Do you think its still worth jumping on that plane & doing it? Still a big chunk of the summer to go!

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