Accomodation for Creamfields?


Can anyone help, glasgow_chick & myself have left it a bit late for booking somewhere to stay for Creamfields.

We are going down on the friday night after work and leaving the Sunday afternoon.

We can get the Holiday Inn Express for £86 a night but would like something a wee bit cheaper (but still habitable)

Only other places we have seen rooms avaliable are Gladstone Hotel (which is 3* but has had loads of crap reviews - apparently its a dump) and another hotel which is 2* (makes me think it'll be worse than the Gladstone).

Any suggestions or should we just bite the bullet and book the H-Inn Express?

Cheers :D
I had the exact same problem last year and struggled to get accommodation in Liverpool.

We ended up staying at the Thistle Hotel next to the Liver Building costing us £99 per night for a triple room. If I were you I would go with what you got.

Have you tried Formulae One Hotel? Bargain basement room prices but its probably fully booked anyway....?

I am not going to Creamfields this year but I am sure you will have an awesome time.