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I'm spending an extra 3 nights in ibiza after my holiday finishes and am looking for somewhere to stay, does anyone know any cheap hostels, hotels etc

If you’re staying in San An there are loads of cheap hostels. They are REALLY basic but dead cheap. If you go into any bar they’ll be able to tell you the best place to go. Most of them tend to be in and around the west end area which may or may not be a complete nightmare (depending on whether you’re a fan or not).
The first time we went to ibiza we decided to spend one night in San An so just arrived and found the first cheap hotel we could.

It was on that main street with the KFC etc, about halfway up the hill.

What a shithole - the room was totally basic, no facilities at all (we thought it was lucky to get a shower) and no fan or aircon. In the daytime it was quite cool but when we got back from Es Paradis in the early hours the place was a sweatbox - all the heat from the day had worked itself through the walls and heated the room through the night - uurrrgh.

We weren't gonna get any sleep, but if we'd wanted to this would have been very difficult. You had to have the window open for ventilation, and the noise coming from the street was unbelievable - screaming, shouting, broken glass, dustbin lorries etc.
that reminds me of a time we stayed in a hostal in a little village in central spain with a population of only 200 and a parrot. the parrot squawked all night and the room was really hot - a consequence of daytime temperatures in the thirties. we didn't sleep much that night!
When you land at the airport, ask the reps in the arrivals area if there is any spaces in hotels, you'll be sorted in a jiffy. They might tell you to go see a guy at a desk somewhere and he'll sort you out,tell you where to go.......
yeh, two years ago a mate came and joined us on the island with no hotel booked.

at the info desk in the airport they gave him a leaflet with all the hotels listed and we just went through them on the phone.

the second one we phoned gave him a room for the week @ 20 quid a night.
Did this last year and got a 2bed apt with mates in a hotel for 12 euros a night each. Result. It was quite nice too :)