Accommodation Needed!



Some of my friends are going to Ibiza flying out on Thurs night 29th August and coming back Firday 6th September.

They are 5 lads who booked a cheap flight (£50 from BMI Baby!) and are on the look out for somewhere to stay. Does anyone know somewhere that they can use as a base and fairly cheap? Either Ibiza Town or San Antonio. Any suggestions or if need numbers to make up a villa or something would be considered!

Cheers chucks!
go to and e mail Gary the owner. I mailed him my number and the phone rang almost straight away. VERY HELPFUL!!

He is based in San An and he sorted us out with a two bedroom apartment for only 450 euros for a week.

That works out at under £60 each if there's five of them!! :eek: 8)